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We are a consulting company focused on the Latin American Animal Health market, one of the largest in the world. Our team of consultants is strategically based in the main markets of importance: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Europe. In addition, our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the animal health and nutrition sectors, working from the stages of structuring and implementing business in these countries, as well as in the development and commercial consolidation of our clients' brands and portfolios.

Definition of business

Mission and Vision

Mission: We support your business for its expansion in and from Latin America, being the Nexus with the markets and making your Animal Health products viable in the most optimal way to obtain beneficial long-term results. We permanently assist your positioning in those markets, optimizing your sales and therefore your economic result.

Vision: We will be your expansion team in each market monitoring your business in the world to ensure the global growth of your company no matter what size and challenges it may have