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We have more than 22 years of experience in veterinary pharmaceutical businesses, regulations, acquisitions and Due Diligence, distribution strategies, marketing transactions and licensing, facilitating the transformation to products with commercial viability.

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We help successfully navigate product development to manage risk and mitigate delays by managing KPIs to promote high-quality, reliable, and reproducible data.

We have a team of consultants that operates with a wide network in different countries, which allows the development of alliances for the distribution of your company's products, as well as for the recruitment of suppliers capable of filling gaps and complementing your portfolio.

We will be your expansion team in each market, ensuring the global growth of your company regardless of its size or challenges.

We have more than two decades of specialized work in the animal health and nutrition sectors, working from the stages of business structuring and implementation, the development and commercial consolidation of brands and the creation of portfolios.

The Latin American animal health market is very attractive and represents an important milestone in the expansion processes of many companies. But the different regulatory requirements, diversity of animal species, distribution environments and competitive situations make it complex. Approaching this market is a crucial step in these processes and Nexus offers a solid base of knowledge on the most different areas involved in the local animal health business. The optimization of resources, as well as the allocation of investments in the key areas of each company, can represent a limitation of expansion plans and performance in foreign markets.

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